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World Class Hernia Surgery In Los Angeles

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The New Standard in Hernia Care. Expert. Private. Affordable.

A private surgical care facility conveniently located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Hernia Center Los Angeles is designed with you and your family in mind. Our team of world-class hernia surgeons expertly perform every type of hernia surgery in Los Angeles. You can rest assured that if you come to Hernia Center Los Angeles for your hernia surgery, you will receive the best possible hernia treatment for you, in a private, comfortable and high tech environment.

Dr. Memsic with actress Linda Blair on The Doctors

Dr. Leslie Memsic and actress Linda Blair appear on The Doctors to discuss Linda's hernia surgery at the Hernia Center Los Angeles.

Watch as Linda and Dr. Memsic take the journey from initial consultation to full recovery. »

Hernia Surgeon Dr. Memsic Inspecting Hernia

Top Los Angeles Hernia Doctors

At Hernia Center Los Angeles, we have assembled a team of the best hernia surgeons, each Board Certified in their specialty, expertly adept and able to deliver the finest care to anyone in need of hernia repair. From our pediatric surgical specialist to our world-class plastic surgeons, we can provide you with the exact specialist team that you need to ensure that your hernia surgery gives you the best results possible.

Our hernia doctors are well-known, well-respected, and have practiced surgery at the best hospitals in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills. Like you, they recognize the need for a private hernia surgery center that can provide the best personal care in a safe and pleasant setting.

Complete Hernia Care

At Hernia Center Los Angeles, our hernia doctors are specialists in their fields. Each one is very experienced in treating particular types of hernias, and in doing so by using the most effective possible surgical hernia treatment. Rather than providing a “patch” or quick-fix that could re-rupture or cause further problems, our surgeons are interested in completely and thoroughly repairing your hernia, so that it simply won’t trouble you again. Even if you are in need of a complex hernia repair, or you are experiencing issues from a prior hernia repair, our expert hernia doctors can help.

State of the Art Facility

Hospitals are no longer the only choice available for people in need of surgical hernia repair in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills. Now, with Hernia Center Los Angeles, you have a better choice. We can provide you with the same procedures, performed by excellent doctors, for the same cost. And we will make sure that you obtain the maximum benefits available from your health insurance provider.

Our patients don't have to deal with the paperwork, parking issues or large-scale inconveniences that can be a part of a hospital experience, and they avoid any danger of exposure to disease while they are in a vulnerable, post-operative state. For the same cost of your hospital visit, or less, you can enjoy the New Standard in Surgical Care.

We Accept PPO Insurance & Medicare

Most insurance plans will cover your hernia surgery cost. At Hernia Center Los Angeles, our insurance experts will work with you and your insurance company to make sure you get the maximum possible benefits from your insurance plan. Whether we are listed as preferred providers by your plan or not, we can help you cut the red tape and get the care that you need.

Just tell us about your insurance coverage. We'll do the rest.