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Hernia Revision Surgery

When we repair a hernia at Hernia Center Los Angeles, we do everything in our power to make sure that your hernia stays repaired. As a result, we have a very low percentage rate of patients who require hernia revision after we have treated them. We also see many patients who have experienced hernia treatment elsewhere who are now coming to see us for a successive hernia revision.

Hernia revisions are unfortunately common, with as many as 30% treated elsewhere experiencing a second hernia after their first repair. Here at the Hernia Center, we see patients who have had as many as seven prior hernia repairs at outside centers.

The key to fixing these hernias is to figure out why the hernia is recurring, and make sure that we fix the actual problem. Usually we will discover one of these causes for the recurrence:

Overlay mesh: In most cases, the initial surgeon used an overlay mesh to repair the hernia. This is simply placing a patch on the hole in the abdominal wall and is much more likely to fail than other techniques for repair.

Infection: In other cases, the patient may have had an infection that prevented the fascia (connective tissue) from closing and healing properly. In this case, it is critical to make sure no infected mesh is still present in the field, and to ensure that the bacteria causing the infection has been eradicated.

Underlying fascia weakness: Another common occurrence requiring hernia revision surgery is that the repair was performed in an area where the fascia is not strong. In most cases involving a fascia weakness, the patient has an unrecognized rectus diastasis. This is a split in the two vertical "six-pack" abdominal muscles, so that there is a gap between them. The whole abdomen will bulge outward in these cases, especially towards the end of the day, and not just in the area of hernia. In this case, the entire muscle split must be repaired when the hernia is repaired, or the hernia repair will be unsuccessful.

At Hernia Center Los Angeles, our hernia doctors will find out exactly what is causing your hernia, and why you are having difficulty with it recurring. Once the cause is determined, they will be able to execute a hernia revision plan that will resolve your hernia once and for all.

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