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Complex Hernia Repair

While most hernias are classified according to their location, there is another category entirely—complex hernias. Regardless of their location, complex hernias pose their own set of challenges. Very simply, hernias are considered complex when they are more involved than a singular, “normal” hernia.

Repairing complex hernias require an approach that goes above and beyond typical hernia repair. Because of this, patients must be diligent in finding a surgeon with talent and experience in the field of hernia repair. At the Hernia Center Los Angeles, we’ve left no detail unattended in ensuring our patients get the highest level of care, in terms of both comfort and effectiveness. To learn more about complex hernias, please read below or call our office today.

Types of complex hernias

There are many circumstances under which a hernia may be considered a complex hernia. Below are just a few examples of such circumstances.

  • When a patient has had multiple hernia repairs, causing the tissue to weaken with each successive surgery.
  • When a patient has multiple concurrent hernias, also known as Swiss cheese hernias.
  • When a hernia has become infected.
  • When a hernia is strangulated, meaning it is constricting the blood supply to the herniated bowel or organ.
  • When an incision from a previous surgery has ruptured, causing a hernia. This is also known as an incisional hernia.

Complex hernia surgery

At the Hernia Center Los Angeles, we have a comprehensive hernia treatment program that carries each patient from diagnosis to recovery with the highest level of comfort and care. We are proud to have two leading hernia surgeons, both of whom have decades of proven excellence in the field of hernia repair. With our state of the art facility and rapid, effective hernia treatments, the Hernia Center has proven itself as one of the finest hernia repair facilities, delivering excellent complex hernia repairs. If a complex hernia is reducing your quality of life, it may be time to set an appointment at the Hernia Center.

Schedule a consultation

While the above information gives a general overview of complex hernia repair, it is no substitute for a live consultation with one of our surgeons. Only after a proper examination and discussion can a determination be made regarding the best course of action for hernia repair. At our hernia repair center, our first priority is total patient comfort in the face of an otherwise uncomfortable condition. With our superlative patient care and lasting, effective treatment, we offer among the most comprehensive complex hernia repair treatment available. Please call us today to find out how we can help you find relief.